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Why we rock

We make bicycles. With love and affection.
Here are 8 reasons why our bicycles rock:

Designed in Zurich

We love Zurich – it’s our home and a vital source of inspiration for us. We like to think of it as a big painter’s palette and we’re the artists. The vibe, the people, the bars, the lights, the way of thinking — all elements of Zurich’s city life makes us feel alive. Our team puts a lot of effort into designing bikes to match the vibe of our urban youth. We are young, we are fast and we want you to have the very best city life experience with your bicycle!

Frame_Steel_Why_we_rock_Wheelie_City_Bikes_Fahrrad_StadtveloSteel is real

Our bicycles are made out of the most advanced composition steel. We’re all about having fun, but when it comes to the composition and engineering of our bikes, we take a serious approach. We know the parts that get the most wear and tear, so we use an ultra durable triple butted 4130 Chromoly Steel for those. This allows for an ideal combination of lightweight and endurance. The lugs (those fancy squiggled parts on the welds) don’t just add character, they also make for an even stronger frame cohesion. Here’s to a bike that rides as solid as it looks.

Get_Why_we_rock_Wheelie_City_Bikes_Fahrrad_StadtveloGet what you pay for

Why should you pay for the margin of distributors and resellers when it doesn’t add any value to the product itself? Don’t have an answer? Neither do we. That’s why we sell directly to you and cut out the middle-man. We want you to get what you pay for – a great product for the best price. No bullshit - no blah-blah.

Quality, Quality and Quality

We have been bicycle fans for years and years. We’ve ridden a great many bicycles (and have fallen in love with a few of them) and know what to look for. We know the importance of great quality and the difference the small yet important details can make. We always choose high quality raw materials because that’s where it all starts — that’s the integrity of the bicycle and the heart of your experience. In order to ensure the best quality, our bicycles must pass a two-step quality control and many tests. Want to see it for yourself? We’ve created a site so you can explore our quality control on a deeper level. Bring your fine-tooth comb and take a look: Here to stay!

Montage_Why_we_rock_Wheelie_City_Bikes_Fahrrad_StadtveloReady to ride in a few minutes

If you’re wondering why you have to assemble some parts of your bike on your own, wonder no more — our answer is a good one. In order to save costs and therefore sell our bikes at the best price, we use smaller cartons for our packaging making it necessary for some un-assembled parts. And remember how we love having fun? What could be more fun than creating something with your own two hands? Assembling your bike is a piece of cake (no rocket science degrees needed). The bicycle comes 90% pre-assembled, so you’ll only need to tighten a few screws here and there. Feeling a bit nervous? Our assembly guide will put your fears at ease. You and your bicycle will be best friends in no time.

10-days returns, no questions asked

Above all else, we promise to deliver the best provisions with the most love and integrity. However, we understand that sometimes life happens and things aren’t always within our control. That’s why we feel passionately about giving you the right to return your bicycle 10-days after you’ve received it. We promise not to ask any stupid questions and have made it a cinch to return — just drop us an email and let us know why you’re returning it, ship back the unassembled bicycle and we will take care of the rest.

Guarantee_Why_we_rock_Wheelie_City_Bikes_Fahrrad_Stadtvelo2 years guarantee

We are advocators of integrity — we stand true to our word, to our bicycles and in everything we do. This is why we believe you should not be responsible for something we built. When you buy one of our products, you receive a 2 year guarantee. Your love and happiness for your bike is what truly matters to us. To learn more about our 2-year guarantee, read our terms and conditions here.

Who_we_are_Why_we_rock_Wheelie_City_Bikes_Fahrrad_StadtveloWho we are

We are a small team of friends whose mission is to build really great bicycles. We are not a big corporation with long phone lines. We believe in the customer connection so many companies dismiss. We currently live in Zurich and London – two amazing cities that are constantly inspiring us. Our customers are everything (like the bell to our bicycle) and our two main goals are to make kickass bicycles and make you happy. Whatever problem might pop up, we’ll find a solution together. We believe life should be fun and full of different, vitalizing experiences; so should buying and riding a bicycle. Luckily, we’ve created a brand where you can have both — Welcome to Wheelie Bikes.